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Wolves and the River of Stone (Vesik ebook 02)

Wolves and the River of Stone (Vesik ebook 02)

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A jilted ex. An undead army. Never date the damned...

Zola thought not seeing her ex-boyfriend Philip for 150 years meant he got the hint that they were over. Or, better yet, that he had taken her advice and dropped dead. No such luck. Not only is he back, he has kidnapped Zola and is using her as a pawn in his plan to raise an army to scour humanity from the earth.

Damian Vesik is ready to take Philip on, but he won’t be doing it alone. Flanked by a pack of snarling and snapping werewolves, they are headed to an old battlefield at Stones River to put an end to Philip’s twisted agenda. If they don’t get there in time, however, Zola’s reputation—and life—hang in the balance.

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