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Winter’s Demon (Vesik ebook 03)

Winter’s Demon (Vesik ebook 03)

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An undead army. A deranged god. Some things can never be undone...

The horrors Damian has defeated—or caused—with his own hands are nothing compared to what’s coming. Philip brought his reign of terror down in an assault on Damian’s family. Now, an enraged necromancer hungers for retribution.

Philip’s twisted agenda is far from finished. He and his army of necromancers are on the move, descending on the world as harbingers of a great darkness. Aligning himself with Ezekiel, the mad god, Philip plans to unleash a power that will bring mankind to its knees.

Now they must seek out an old ally who may hold their only hope of salvation, and perhaps allow Damian and Zola to prevent Ezekiel’s return. As Philip’s ever-growing horde of demons emerge, however, they’ll have to hope their combined efforts will be enough.

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