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Skysworn (Steamborn Series ebook 6)

Skysworn (Steamborn Series ebook 6)

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An alliance forged. A tragedy unveiled. A city imperiled.

Jacob and Alice have no choice but to turn their focus to Belldorn. The coastal city is paramount in the war with Fel. Without Belldorn, and the aid of Canopy’s dragonriders, all will be lost.

Soon, the battle takes to the skies once more. Knowing they need all the support they can find, Mary, captain of the Skysworn, engages the same Pirate guild she turned her back on years before.

The drums of war have sounded. Rumors of a resistance in Ballern draw Jacob, Alice, and Furi across the Crystal Sea. Yet as their hunt for allies continues, one truth refuses to be ignored. All paths lead to Belldorn ... and some won’t make it out alive.
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