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Mason Dixon: Monster Hunter (Mason Audiobook 1 - Novella)

Mason Dixon: Monster Hunter (Mason Audiobook 1 - Novella)

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Narrated by: Joel Froomkin - Run Time: 3hr27min

Terrifying beasts. Deadly serpents. This vlogger wants to save them all...

Mason Dixon is a verified internet celebrity. Yet his vlog is just a ruse to spread disinformation so he can secretly relocate endangered cryptids. But when Mason and his camera operator Emma find themselves on a dragon-like gowrow's bad side, calling cut won't save them....

Barely subduing the volatile creature, Mason and Emma are stunned when the lair contains gowrow eggs. While transporting the creature's spawn across county lines is illegal, the law has never stopped Mason before. But when the precious cargo starts hatching, the monster-hunting duo's latest rescue could end up too hot to handle.

Can Mason save the endangered beasts before he becomes extinct?

Mason Dixon: Monster Hunter is the first of Asher’s books in the uproariously funny New Templars Novella urban fantasy series. If you like quirky characters, mythical creatures, and a high snark factor, then you’ll love Eric R. Asher’s scaly adventure.

Buy Mason Dixon to discover some hilarious creature comfort today!

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