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Dreams of the Forgotten Dead (Vesik ebook 19)

Dreams of the Forgotten Dead (Vesik ebook 19)

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A hope lost. A fury reborn. An ancient warrior awakens.

Damian Vesik is back … but his time in the Abyss changed him. As he grapples to understand his oddly fluctuating powers, a call from his trusted mechanic Samir is the last thing he needs. But the strange occurrences at the autobody shop can’t be ignored.

Calling on Nixie—and a rather odd gift from a water witch clan—Damian uncovers a dreadful creature haunting Samir’s shop. Knowing he can’t face a basilisk in his current state, his only option is to seek out Gaia in his quest for answers.

Yet as destruction closes in on St. Louis, the only hope of salvation could be the ghost of an Utukku … one who is downright cranky about being dead.
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